Coordinate Organizations consist of those organizations that have a scholarly and professional interest in the continent of Africa as a whole and whose primary focus is facilitating the exchange of ideas, information and research findings on Africa. Coordinate Organizations are a means to build communities around specific areas or interests within the field of African Studies. They function as autonomous elements of the Association, bound by the Association’s policies and procedures and legal status. Coordinate Organizations must maintain uniform and consistent by-laws outlining policies for administration, elections, and finances. Most organizations present sponsored panels or roundtables, and hold meetings or receptions for their members and interested individuals at the ASA Annual Meeting each year. Participation in these organizations allows ASA members to network with other members who hold similar research interests, and to promote academic and field work in specific regions and fields of study.

You can find information about ASA coordinate organizations below. You may register for membership in any of the organizations below when you renew or enroll in membership in the ASA. You can also register for coordinate organization membership without enrolling in ASA membership through the myASA portal using these guidelines.

Africana Librarians Council

Association of African Studies Programs

AASP 2019 Membership – Click here.

ASA Women’s Caucus

ASA Outreach Council

Ghana Studies Association

Ghana Studies Association Membership

Health, Science, Technology, and Medicine

Islam in African Studies Group

Lusophone African Studies Organization

North American Association of Scholars on Cameroon

Nigerian Studies Association

Sports Africa
Sports Africa 2019 Conference Registration

If you wish to apply to become an official coordinate organization of the ASA, you can do so using this form. Please note that applications are reviewed by the ASA Board of Directors when they meet at their biannual meetings. If you have any questions, please contact the ASA at