CFP Submission Guidelines

Before submitting to the Call for Co-Panelists: Assemble Your Session or submitting directly to the 2022 ASA CFP platform, please read through the newly updated 2022 Submission Guidelines. These guidelines include detailed instructions for each submission category as well as registration information and key deadlines. In order for a proposal to be considered by the Program Committee, these submission guidelines must be followed.

Please note: If you deferred a proposal in 2020 or entirely withdrew, you must resubmit your proposal to the CFP to indicate your intention to present on this year’s program. Deferred proposals will be automatically accepted by our Program Committee and placed on the program.

Annual Meeting Participation Guide

Please read through all sections of our Annual Meeting Participation Guide. Most questions regarding presenting and chairing are answered in these materials, as well as a set of policies to keep our community a safe space for all.

Section 1: Code of Conduct

All participants of the ASA Annual Meeting are expected to adhere to the ASA Anti-Harassment policy. A claim of a violation of the policy can be made via this secure website. Reports of violation of the Anti-Harassment policy will be subject to the intake and investigation process as outlined in the ASA Policies and Procedures.
Please read the full African Studies Association Anti-Harassment Policy here.