Annual Meeting Participation Guide

Please read through all four sections of our Annual Meeting Participation Guide. Most questions regarding presenting virtually are answered in these materials, as well as a set of policies to keep our community a safe space for all.

Section 1: Code of Conduct

All participants of the ASA Virtual Annual Meeting are expected to adhere to the ASA Anti-Harassment policy. A claim of a violation of the policy can be made via this secure website. Reports of violation of the Anti-Harassment policy will be subject to the intake and investigation process as outlined in the ASA Policies and Procedures.
Please read the full African Studies Association Anti-Harassment Policy here.

Section 2: Privacy and Usage Policy

All participants should read the full privacy and usage policy for the 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting, including presenter options around the automatic Zoom recordings. Keynote events will be recorded in full, and subsequently posted to publicly accessible platforms such as YouTube. Please remember that all content, images, and data shared by presenters at the Virtual Annual Meeting are intended for presentation only, and are not to be filmed, reproduced, or distributed to the public or press. The ASA is not responsible for unauthorized recordings, but reserves the right to ban anyone who records sessions without permission from future ASA events, Annual Meetings, and other programming.

Section 3: Virtual Presentation Details

Are you wondering what to do next to prepare for your virtual presentation? Read through our short Tips for Virtual Presenters, which should answer most questions about presenting live or in a pre-recorded format. Embedded in the tips are links provided by our Virtual Annual Meeting software company, OpenWater. OpenWater has created easy to understand guides for both live and pre-recorded sessions, and we have included some of our tips, tricks, and suggestions on how to organize your presentations this year. Important dates and a pre-recorded upload link are also included.

Section 4: Presenter and Chair Guidelines

Our presenter and chair guidelines might seem familiar, but they contain important updates for our 2021 virtual format. Please read through our short set of guidelines for all presenters and chairs to ensure a successful Virtual Annual Meeting!

Section 5: How to Enter and Participate in our Virtual Annual Meeting

To help our Annual Meeting participants enjoy a smooth experience, we have written step-by-step directions on what to do to participate. The detailed instructions include screen shots with helpful tips as well as protocols for getting into the Zoom sessions during the conference. The most important tip we can give you is to read the entire document thoroughly and explore the conference platform for yourself well before the Annual Meeting begins. Login issues will be harder to resolve on the day of the conference, so please login in early and contact the Secretariat if you experience any issues.