The Emerging Scholars Network of the African Studies Association

Membership Statement

The Emerging Scholars Network of the African Studies Association (ESNASA) is dedicated to meeting the needs of new and recently-graduated scholars who are members of the African Studies Association. We welcome current graduate students (both masters-level and doctorate-level), recent graduates (including but not limited to those seeking academic jobs), and early-career professionals (those who are still within 5 years of receipt of a terminal degree).

Mission Statement

The ESNASA supports the innovative research and professional goals of graduate students and early-career professional members of the ASA by integrating and engaging the next generation of scholars through:

– Determining junior scholars’ needs, via polling and other participatory and inclusive methods, and exploring how the ASA can help address those demands
– Promoting junior scholars’ interests to the ASA board by sending a voting representative to all ASA board meetings
– Creating and maintaining online resources, via a section of the ASA website, devoted to meeting junior scholars’ needs
– Enabling mentorship connections between established academics and professionals in the field and emergent scholars
– Facilitating collaborative and interdisciplinary research by maintaining online, searchable records of research-area-specific member information, as well as hosting online calls for such partnerships
– Organizing and moderating one or more information sessions or workshops at the Annual Meeting designed to aid with professionalization and other graduate school/early career challenges
– Advocating for greater inclusion of African based graduate students and early-career professionals, through providing research support, and promoting and supporting their participation in ASA conferences and other training opportunities
– Bringing new graduate students and early-career professionals into the ASA membership

If you would like to join the Emerging Scholars Network, please click on the box next to “Emerging Scholars Network of the ASA (ESNASA)” under the ASA Coordinate Organizations portion of your membership form.