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Emerging Scholars

The Emerging Scholars Network of the African Studies Association

Membership Statement

The Emerging Scholars Network (ESN) was founded in 2015 (originally the ASA Graduate Student Caucus) to meet the needs of new and recently-graduated scholars who are members of the African Studies Association. The ASA ESN welcomes current graduate students (both masters-level and doctorate-level), recent graduates (including but not limited to those seeking academic jobs), and early-career professionals who are still within 5 years of receipt of a terminal degree.

Mission Statement

The ASA Emerging Scholars Network (ESN) supports the innovative research and professional goals of graduate students and early-career members of the ASA by:

  • Identifying shifting emerging scholars’ needs and exploring how the ASA and ESN can address those demands.
  • Representing emerging scholars’ interests to the ASA board by sending a voting representative to all ASA board meetings.
  • Organizing and moderating one or more information sessions, events, workshops, or professional development opportunities for ESN members.
  • Enabling mentorship connections between established academics and professionals in the field and emergent scholars/practitioners.
  • Advocating for greater inclusion of African and other international graduate students and early-career professionals through active engagement in activities and the promotion of their participation in events and training opportunities.
  • Recruiting diverse new graduate students and early-career professionals into the membership to diversify the ESN network broadly for the benefit of intellectual exchange and career development.

How to Get Involved

To become an official member of the ASA’s Emerging Scholars Network, please select “Join a Coordinate Organization” and scroll down to find the ASA Emerging Scholars Network in MyASA. Fees range from $0 – $30 and 100% of funds go directly to ESN activities.

To meet the Emerging Scholars Network Executive Council, see this recent ASA News article “Meet the Emerging Scholars Network.”
To receive more information on emerging scholar related actives, events, and opportunities, fill out our interest form and indicate what you are most interested in gaining from participation in the ESN.

To find out what ESN events are upcoming, check the Emerging Scholar Workshops page and the ESN Newsfeed, join the email list, and follow the ASA on social media for updates.