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Acey, Charisma

Keywords: Environmental Planning and Governance, Water and Sanitation, Poverty Alleviation, Environmental Justice, Community Engagement

Effevottu, Efetobor Stephanie

Keywords: Research, Advocacy, Peacebuilding, Editing

Johnson, Christopher Keith

Keywords: Labor, Unions, Conflict, Social Justice

Leach, Steven

Keywords: Conflict Transformation, Zanzibar, East Africa, CVE, Religion and Conflict

Loffman, Reuben A.

Keywords: DR Congo, Missionary History, Corporate History, Economic History

Novak, Andrew

Keywords: Death penalty, Sport history, Executive clemency, Pardons, Comparative constitutional law

Ogbechie, Sylvester Okwunodu

Keywords: Africa, Arts, Cultural Patrimony, Media

Ogoti, Vincent R.

Keywords: Security, Peace and Conflict Resolution, Refugees

Olsen III, Cyrus Paul

Keywords: Traditional and Contemporary Medicine

Shumway, Rebecca

Keywords: History of West Africa before 1850