2021 November 16-20
64th Annual Meeting
Program Chairs: Gretchen Bauer (University of Delaware) and Akosua Darkwah (University of Ghana)
Theme: Re-Centering Africa: Resistance and Renewal In A World Beyond COVID-19
Location: Virtual, 2021 Digital Program

2020 November 19-21
63rd Annual Meeting
Program Chairs: Carina Ray (Brandeis University) and Prinisha Badassy (University of Witwatersrand)
Theme: The Hour of Decision: Power, Persistence, Purpose, and Possibility in African Studies
Location: Virtual, 2020 Digital Program

2019 November 21-23
62nd Annual Meeting
Program Chairs: Matthew Heaton, Virginia Tech and James Ogude, University of Pretoria
Theme: Being, Belonging and Becoming in Africa
Location: Boston, MA 2019 Preliminary Program

2018 November 29- December 1
61st Annual Meeting
Program Chairs: Nana Akua Anyidoho, University of Ghana and Mark Auslander, Michigan State University
Theme: Energies: Power, Creativity and Afro-Futures
Location: Atlanta, GA 2018 Preliminary Program

2017 November 16-18
60th Annual Meeting
Program Chairs: Marissa Moorman, Indiana University Bloomington and Susanna Wing, Haverford College
Theme: Institutions: Creativity and Resilience in Africa
Location: Chicago, IL 2017 Preliminary Program

2016 December 1-3
59th Annual Meeting
Theme: Imagining Africa at the Center: Bridging Scholarship, Policy, and Representation in African Studies
Location: Washington, DC 2016 Preliminary Program

2015 November 19-21
58th Annual Meeting
Theme: The State and the Study of Africa
Location: San Diego, CA 2015 Preliminary Program

2014 November 20 – 23
57th Annual Meeting
ThemeRethinking Violence, Reconstruction and Reconciliation
Location: Indianapolis, IN 2014 Preliminary Program

2013 November 21- 24
56th Annual Meeting
Theme: Mobility, Migration and Flows
Location: Baltimore, MD 2013 Preliminary Program

2012 November 29-December 1
55th Annual Meeting
ThemeResearch Frontiers in the Study of Africa
Location: Philadelphia, PA

2011 November 17-19
54th Annual Meeting
Theme50 Years of African Liberation
Location: Washington, DC

2010 November 17-19
53rd Annual Meeting
Theme: African Diasporas and Diasporas in Africa
Location: San Francisco, CA

2009 November 19-22
52nd Annual Meeting
ThemeAfrica at a Crossroads
Location: New Orleans, LA

2008 November 19-22
51st Annual Meeting
ThemeKnowledge of Africa: The Next 50 Years
Location: Chicago, IL

2007 October 18-21
50th Annual Meeting
Theme21st Century Africa: Evolving Conceptions of Human Rights
Location: New York, NY

2006 November 16-19
49th Annual Meeting
Theme(Re)thinking Africa and the World: Internal Reflections, External Responses
Location: San Francisco, CA

2005 November 17-20
48th Annual Meeting
Theme: Health, Knowledge and the Body/Politic in Africa and the African Diaspora
Location: Washington, DC

2004 November 11-14
47th Annual Meeting
Theme: The Power of Expression: Identity, Language and Memory in Africa and the Diaspora
Location: New Orleans, LA

2003 October 3-November 2
46th Annual Meeting
ThemeYouthful Africa in the 21st Century
Location: Boston, MA