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Spring Event Event Registration

The Emerging Scholars Network (ESN) is hosting a roundtable on Publishing Beyond the Academy! This free virtual event will cover a number of avenues for publishing outside traditional avenues including op-eds, blogs, podcasting, and more! Learn how to reach a broader audience and share your research with the world!

Register here and receive the link 24 hours before event. This event is open to all ESN members. Not a member yet or need to renew?

Joining ESN is free! Login to your MyASA account, click on the “Coordinate Organizations” tab on the left side of the page. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the different tiers of ESN membership ($0-$30) and chose the one that feels right for you. All tiers receive the same benefits of membership, but those who can contribute financially towards ESN events are encouraged to do so.

ASA & ESN Joint Annual Workshops

Each year, the ASA, the Emerging Scholars Network (ESN), and other relevant stakeholders, organize one workshop to be held in conjunction with the ASA Annual Meeting. Typically, ASA’s PIPES and PACT workshops alternate annually and draw on ASA Members’ expertise and generous volunteer mentorship to cultivate successful and confident Emerging Scholars.

Publishing Improvement Pipeline for Emerging Scholars (PIPES) Workshop

The PIPES workshop assists Emerging Scholars by providing them feedback and tools to improve the quality of written work, particularly journal submissions as well as increase their participation in the review process. Workshops will be organized to provide access to and mentorship from ASA Members within the publishing sphere, including journal editors, book publishers, and popular formats such as op-eds.
The PIPES workshop is generally held in even odd, and is an expansion of the PEASS Workshops which began in 2017.

Professionalization and Career Training (PACT) Workshop

The PACT workshop focuses on professionalism with a combination of essential “soft skills” and concrete take-aways. PACT workshops have deeply interactive formats that culminate in a new skill or take-away on a rotating basis dependent on availability and interest. PACT includes Resume/C.V. workshops, syllabi reviews, grant writing seminars, Podcasting/YouTubing workshops, and governmental advocacy when possible.
The PACT workshop is generally held in even years.

Virtual Workshops & Events

The ASA recognizes the importance of providing spaces for its emerging scholars to engage in virtual events on a semi-regular basis to create greater access, especially for those that lack the funding to attend in-person events. These virtual events are focused on community building, problem solving, and knowledge production. They include events such as quarterly check-in/support groups for dissertation writing, organized Zoom roundtables on a desired topic (ie: How to Work Effectively in Departments without a Significant African Studies Focus, Careers in the Arts with an African Studies Degree, Virtual AfricaNow! Current Events etc.), and publishing roundtables.