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African Histories of the Holocaust

Fewer topics have been more studied than the Holocaust (Shoah). The rise, fall, and legacies of the Nazi extermination of […]

Organizing for LGBT+ Rights Movements in West Africa

There is an icreasing trend of sexual repression in Africa, and this can derail progress in democratic dividend, which is […]

Cinematic Practices in Africa and Western Capital

There has always been a close tie between professional and commercial cinematic practices in Africa and Western capital. This is […]

The Dynamism of Debt in Everyday Life

This proposed panel seeks to explore the multiple meanings, diverse purposes, and complex consequences of debt across a range of […]

Conflict in the Great Lakes: Problems, Perspectives, New Research

Panel Leaders and Discussants: Patrick Boyle Ph. D and Brian Endless, Ph. D, both from the Department of Political Science, […]

The political economy of energy transitions in Africa

Amidst the global energy transition agenda, policymakers face difficult trade-offs between decarbonization and other objectives in the development of their […]

The Perennial Fulani Complexities in Contemporary Africa: Which Way Forward?

The Fulani, Fula or Fulɓe are an outstanding ethnic group in sub-Saharan Africa because they constitute the largest nomadic pastoral […]

Party organisations in Africa: appropriating and challenging global political practices

Political parties as organisations are expected to link societies to the state. The colonial and post-colonial context in which they […]

Islam, Social Welfare and Charity in Africa

In Aminata Sow Fall’s 1979 novel, The Beggar’s Strike (La Grève des Battu), Dakar’s beggars strike to protest the plan […]

Framing Africa: The Geopolitical Discourse of Fictional African Countries and US Foreign Policy

The portrayal of fictional African countries in media often perpetuates stereotypes and misconceptions about the African continent, its people, and […]
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