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Distinguished Lectures

The African Studies Review together with the ASA Board launched a distinguished lecture in 2011 featuring state of the art research in African Studies.

ASR Distinguished Lecturers:

  • 2023 James Ogude

    “Decoloniality and its fissures: Whose decolonial turn?”

  • 2022 Amina Mama

    “‘The Point is to Change the World’: Imagining Pan-African Epistemic Community in the Global Neoliberal Era”

  • 2021 Aminatta Forna

    “Writing in Englishes”

  • 2020 Robert Edgar

    “African Voices Matter: Fifty Years of Historical Research in Southern Africa”

  • 2019, Fallou Ngom

    “Beyond Orality: Non-Europhone Sources and African Studies in the 21st Century”

  • 2018 Peter Little

    “When ‘green’ equals thorny and mean: The politics and costs of environmental experiments in East Africa”

  • 2017 Alcinda Manuel Honwana

    “Youth Struggles: From the Arab Spring to Black Lives Matter and Beyond”

  • 2016 Peter Geschiere

    “Tempting Transgressions – Same Sex Practices as a Challenge in African Studies” published as “A ‘Vortex of Identities’: Freemasonry, Witchcraft, and Postcolonial Homophobia”

  • 2015 Akosua Adomako Ampofo

    “Re-viewing Studies on Africa, #Black Lives Matter, and Envisioning the Future of African Studies”

  • 2014 Léonce Ndikumana

    “Integrated Yet Marginalized: Implications of Globalization for African Development”

  • 2013 Iris Berger

    “African Women’s Movements in the Twentieth Century: A Hidden History”

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  • 2011