ASA 2018 Annual Meeting Pre-conference/ Professional Development Workshop
Preparing for Fieldwork in Archives
Wednesday, November 28, 10:00am-4:00pm

This workshop is designed to help prepare graduate students (and others new to archival fieldwork) to conduct fieldwork in archives as a part of, or the whole of, their research. It is designed to give those beginning archival fieldwork confidence in their knowledge of archives and archival research, as well as sensitivity in the use of this material and in their interactions with its stewards.  In the workshop, we will first seek to understand the archive and the archival profession, discussing what archives are, how they work, and the theory and methods behind the acquisition, processing, and accessibility of archival materials. Participants will then learn how to find archives, to search their holdings, and to read a finding aid, and tips will be given on how to request, use, and organize material once it is collected. The workshop will also include a session on digitized and open access archives (including a discussion on the pros and cons of these archives for scholars) and a final session on the ethics of archives, including strategies for how to partner and work side-by-side with the creators or stewards of the materials being used for research.

Facilitator: Jessica Achberger is African Studies Librarian, Curator of Africana Special Collections (inclusive of archives), and Adjunct Assistant Professor of History at MSU. As a historian, she has conducted fieldwork in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the United States, and as a trained archivist, she has worked on projects with archives and libraries in eastern and southern Africa. If you have any questions please contact Jessica by email at [email protected] for more information.