The Basics of Zoom: A Tutorial on the Nuts & Bolts

hosted by the ASA and Member Janice R. Levi

Advanced Zoom users might not need a refresher course, but many of our members are using Zoom to conduct their classes for the first time. If you need a little assistance with the basics, we’ve got you covered! Join Member Janice R. Levi (UCLA) for an overview of the BASICS of Zoom so you can finish out the semester simply. Minimize stress and demystify the process for teaching online with this tool.

This is not a formal training (which your dept. may or may not provide) but is designed to cut around the more time-consuming crowdsourcing data. It will provide the essentials to running a class over Zoom (the need-to-know tools), and expectations of online culture (for you and your students). This session aims to simplify the process of online teaching for the non-tech savvy and illustrate that your in-person methods are transferrable. Sufficient time for a Q&A will be included.

Use THIS LINK to join the tutorial on Monday, March 23, 2020 2pm EST.