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Register for the 2025 International Model African Union

The International Model African Union invites interested colleges and universities to
participate in the 23rd Annual International Model African Union in Washington, D.C.,
February 20-23, 2025.  
The IMAU experience gives undergraduate and graduate students a remarkable
opportunity for engaged learning.  Working in delegations of up to six students, students
hone research skills as they develop knowledge of the African country they represent on
issues such as peace and security, economic development, and democracy and human
In Washington, delegates can expect to interact with a wide range of students from
multiple universities and may visit an African embassy or the AU Mission to the United
The conference registration fee for a delegation is $500.  Accommodation is at the
Washington Plaza Hotel and the 2024 rate for rooms may be found on the
website, https://modelafricanunion.org , where you will find a range of other information
about the model.  

All skill and experience levels are welcome. If potential faculty advisors or interested
students have any questions about working with delegations, preparing for, and
participating in the IMAU, please email Professor Christopher Day (dayc@cofc.edu)
who has prepared student delegations to the IMAU for more than ten years.  If you wish
to reserve a country and register for the 2025 Model, please email the Director of the
IMAU, Professor Michael Nwanze (mnwanze@howard.edu). Registration is expected to
be finalized by late 2024.