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Overseas Faculty Development Seminars

The Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC) offers fully-funded overseas seminars that help faculty and administrators at US community colleges and minority-serving institutions gain international experience with the aim of developing and improving international courses, curricula, and teaching materials at their home institutions.

There is an immediate and growing need for US community colleges and minority-serving institutions to provide a global perspective to students that will broaden students’ cultural horizons and foster critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills for an increasingly interconnected world.

CAORC faculty development seminars are run in partnership with participating Overseas Research Centers (ORCs).

Awarded participants for these seminars will receive round-trip travel, accommodations, and meals for the duration of the two-week seminar. Each seminar will be comprised of approximately 12-15 participants.

Sign up for a virtual information session and learn more about the program opportunities at: https://www.caorc.org/faculty-development-seminars