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HiA Flash CFP

Flash CFP: HiA Editorial team is seeking contributions for the 51st and 52nd volumes that particularly reflect on 50 years of History in Africa.

As you head into summer consider revising or writing up a submission for HiA. For this Flash CFP, our theme is:

“Getting to the Source: How Historians of Africa Transform Materials and Methods to Make History”

HiA focuses on sources, methods, and scholarly debates in African history, but in what ways has the field been changing in recent decades?

With that in mind, we are particularly interested in submissions that:

  • Engage source materials – written, oral, material, digital – in different ways
  • Rethink historical methodologies – how we collect, analyze, and write
  • Transform our scholarly debates rather than rehash them
  • Propose new approaches to have impact as historians in today’s world

Single-author and collaborative scholarship is welcomed. We are especially eager to read manuscripts by authors based on the African continent. 

As HiA looks beyond 50 years of publication, we all have to reflect on our study of the African past – for everyone’s futures.  
Submissions Due: July 1, 2024