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Forum: African Studies and Black Studies: Intersections, Genealogies, and New Directions. 

Guest editors: Claudia Gastrow, North Carolina State University/ASR and Khwezi Mkhize, Duke University

African Studies Review invites the submission of abstracts for a journal forum which explores the intersections of Black Studies and African Studies. While they are distinct fields with their own trajectories, Black Studies and African Studies have historically shared a number of important concerns, particularly regarding how historical and contemporary experiences of migration and diasporization have shaped the formation of identity, nationally and globally, among African and African descended people. This global view of blackness both acknowledges and complicates national frameworks as privileged sites of knowledge making while invoking the possibility of Global Black Studies. Across these fields, scholars, artists and activists, among others, have long been preoccupied with questions such as sovereignty, the relationship between race and the formation of disciplines, gender, sexuality and the color line in the formations of colonial societies – be they in Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, North and South America and beyond – and those structured by racial dominance. More recently, scholars across these fields have engaged with the planetary crises associated with climate change as symptomatic of the ongoing lives of racial capitalism and its colonial remains. From this vantage African Studies Review seeks to receive abstracts for submissions from across the disciplines in the humanities and social sciences that think through these issues and others from the vantage of the intersection of African Studies and Black Studies

Abstracts (250 words max) should be sent to cgastro@ncsu.edu by the 15 April 2024. The abstract should include the title, paper description, name, email contact and affiliation of the author. Decisions will be made by mid-May at the latest. Papers will be presented at a workshop to be held at Duke University in early November with the intention of a final paper submission in January 2025.