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CFP, The National Association of African American Studies (NAAAS) Annual Conference

The National Association of African American Studies and affiliates will host their annual conference February 15-17, 2024. This respective conference will be held at the Thompson Conference Center on the campus of the University of Texas. The planning committee anticipates more than 400 research presentations will be delivered over the three day conference. Abstract for a paper and/or poster presentation are welcomed from all fields and disciplines of study. Topics may be related to, but are not limited to health and human services, criminal justice , education, poverty, literature, fatherhood and the family, issues addressed by the Pride community, social media, arts and entertainment, minorities in the military, and much more. The association also welcomes science and exploratory studies. Abstracts not to exceed two pages should be forwarded by November 11, 2023 to: naaasconference@earthlink.net. Please visit NAAAS on the web at www.naaas.org.