Critical Global South Perspectives on Preventing Gender-Based Violence


Gender-based violence (GBV) is one of the most prevalent forms of discrimination, which deepens structural inequalities around the world, with significantly higher rates in Global South countries. Intrinsic to reducing and eliminating violence is its prevention, which requires attentive exploration of the structural inequalities at the root of this development challenge. In some jurisdictions, understandings of crime victimization and perpetration, the criminalization of violence, as well as designing strategies for violence prevention are still impacted by traditional, fixed codes of femininity and masculinity, including stereotyped understandings of who is the victim and who is the perpetrator. Viable solutions for violence prevention thus require a clear and comprehensive understanding of how violence victimization and perpetration have been socially and institutionally shaped, and ultimately challenge prescribed gender models of GBV victimhood and perpetration.

This collection seeks to draw greater attention to responses to GBV that are indigenous to Global South countries. Researchers and practitioners from or concerned with the Global South are invited to reflect on the constructions and understandings of GBV, of its victims and perpetrators and engage in a critique of the institutional frameworks that perpetuate or combat this type of violence. The contributions will result in an edited, peer-reviewed volume that reaches beyond a one-sided aetiology of violence and its prevention. Please click on URL for further information


The themes to be covered by the collections are (but not limited to):

Violence and sexualities

Gender stereotyping and violence

Femininities/Masculinities and violence

Gender and the criminalization of violence

Protection against violence against women and access to justice

Women in law enforcement

Women perpetrators (women who kill, women dons, women traffickers, inmates, sexual abusers, harassers, batterers)

Female gang membership

Men perpetrators (batterers, harassers, sexual abusers, traffickers)

Men and boys as victims of sexual violence and /or domestic violence

Protection of men and boys against sexual and domestic violence

Gender policies and the prevention of violence



Africa (West, East)

South America

Central America I


Deadline for submitting abstracts: September 5, [email protected]:59 (EST)

Acceptance notification deadline: September 10, [email protected]:59 (EST)

Deadline for full chapters (if abstract is accepted): November 30, [email protected]:59 (EST)

Expected publication date (if the chapter is accepted) (TBD).


Proposals for chapters must be presented in English, in the form of an abstract of a maximum of 300 words, including key terms. Proposals should include the personal data of the authors: names, affiliations, addresses. Queries and submissions should be made to: [email protected] and [email protected]