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Aidoo-Snyder Book Prize Call for Nominations Open

The Aidoo-Snyder book prize is awarded by the Women’s Caucus of the African Studies Association for an outstanding book that prioritizes African women’s experiences. Named in honor of Ama Ata Aidoo, the celebrated Ghanaian novelist and short-story writer, and Margaret Snyder the founding Director of UNIFEM, this $500 prize seeks to acknowledge the excellence of contemporary scholarship being produced by women about African women. In alternate years, the prize is awarded for the best scholarly book, or for the best creative work.

The 2023 Aidoo-Snyder scholarly book prize will be given for the best scholarly book written by a woman (or women) that prioritizes African women’s experiences. The committee invites nominations from publishers or authors. Self-published books are not eligible, and entries may only be submitted for consideration once. The prize is open to authors who have published books in English and English translation in the two years preceding the award year. The books must significantly deal with Africa (including Cape Verde, and the Islands off the West Coast of Africa; Madagascar; and the Indian Ocean Islands of the East African Coast).

All nominations must be emailed on or before July 1, 2023. The winner will be notified in mid-September and included in the program for the African Studies Association Conference.

Please contact the chair of the committee for submission instructions. Email r.stephens@columbia.edu with the subject heading, Aidoo-Snyder Book Prize Application.

Visit the Women’s Caucus website for more information.