PhD-Position in humanities and social sciences, 3 years
(Media analysis and Sociology of art/literature)

The ERC Research Group “Minor Universality” based at the philosophical faculty of Saarland
University (Germany) is inviting applications for a PhD position – Wissenschaftliche/r
MitarbeiterIn – (3 years) starting at the latest on October 1st, 2020.

In an extensive interview to the New York Times, within the last days of his presidency, Barack Obama made an argument for narrations creating a solidarising humanity: “When so much of our politics is trying to manage the clash of cultures brought about by globalisation, technology and migration, the role of stories to unify is more important than ever.”

Although these doctoral positions do not necessarily require candidates specialized in African Studies, we would consider this a considerable asset given our research focus questioning the conditions for the emergence of a global consciousness today. One doctoral project (in Cultural Anthropology) will be dealing with life stories of contemporary refugees; the other (in Sociology of Art/Literature) with Literary and/or Art Festivals.

See the full posting online and apply!