The Institute of African Studies at the University of Ghana (UG) is calling for qualified persons to apply for a doctoral position as part of a project on “Entanglement, Mobility and Improvisation: Culture and Arts in Contemporary African Urbanism and its Hinterlands”.

The project seeks to move beyond the current scholarship on African cities that have focused on African cities as little islands, separated from their hinterlands – the rural other. Working through a range of cultural formats and artistic genres, the project hopes to surface the defining features of these urban spaces and their rural hinterlands. The cities identified for this study are, Kampala, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Accra, Nairobi and Lagos. These cities share African roots because of their colonial/apartheid histories, their multiplicity of old and invented languages, their innumerable waves of immigrants from their rural hinterlands but are also distinctive. The origins of some African cities readily violate national boundaries, and continue to bring labour, culture and new creative economies to the fore. The project aims to examine how we are able to grasp, both intellectually and viscerally, the intricate workings of urban spaces and their hinterlands in Africa. We will do this by looking at the cities from the perspectives of the rural and specifically through the mobility of people, ideas, cultural forms and arts between the cities and the rural spaces. The fellowship consists of a 3-year scholarship towards tuition and living expenses.


Successful candidates must:

  • Hold a Master’s degree in any discipline related to English/African literature, arts, culture, heritage studies or the social sciences and humanities broadly.
  • Be highly motivated to develop a scientific career, and to pursue doctoral studies according to the approved study plan.
  • Possess and demonstrate good scientific writing skills.
  • Have strong methodological and conceptual skills.
  • Must be an African citizen.

Fieldwork experience and evidence of active research and publications in peer-reviewed journals will be an added advantage.

Application process

  • Statement of the research problem and how it will be investigated through more specific research questions.
  • Discussion of the analytical framework of the research problem in light of relevant theory.
  • Description of the geographical and socio-political context of the study (Accra/Hinterland).
  • Indication of the research design and the methods that will be employed to generate the data.
  • Practical considerations for carrying out the study.
  • Ethical considerations.

Deadline for application is June 15th, 2019, at noon GMT. The application should be sent to: 

Dr. Irene Appeaning Addo

Institute of African Studies

University of Ghana.


Enquiries can be sent to the same address.