Faculty Seminar Overview

The goal of this seminar is to provide a deeper understanding of the vitality, resilience, and global breadth of contemporary African communities through an experiential engagement with hip-hop and urban cultures as decolonial voices that engage the limits of coloniality.

The seminar will particularly focus on the ways hip-hop and urban cultures are changing the political, religious, and economic landscape in Senegal and, by extrapolation, in the African continent.

Using music as a political and aesthetic expression against Empire, we will also explore the way hip-hop and urban cultures offer disenfranchised Senegalese masses possibilities to critique and delink from coloniality in their everyday lives. Hip-hop and urban cultures will also be studied as means to create links and spaces of solidarity between African descendants and economically disenfranchised peoples from the Global North and the Global South.

Our ultimate objective is to question dominant narratives and underline the importance of a transformative consciousness about economic and cultural globalization, immigration, identity, nation, nationality, democracy, human rights, and equality.

At a Glance

Dates: June 5-13, 2021

Location: Dakar, Senegal, with excursions to Gorée Island and Saint Louis

Cost: $2,995

Who should participate? This seminar is interdisciplinary in nature and is open to all interested faculty participants. Faculty with a research or teaching interest in the following fields may find this seminar particularly valuable: African studies, African-American studies, anthropology, art history, black studies, communication studies, cultural studies, dance, hip-hop studies, musicology, global studies, and sociology.

How to Apply: Download an application online.

Application Deadline: January 31, 2021