Please remember that all coordinate organizations must fill out their annual reporting form by Friday, May 6. You can find this form online. Only online submissions will be accepted – please do not email, fax, or mail your report.

The ASA is eager to support our coordinate organizations, and we depend on the feedback we receive through the annual reporting form. In addition to updating our records of officers and organization events, we use this form to help the ASA explore ways in which we can foster more collaboration with each organization. Our relationship with our coordinate organizations is incredibly important, and we look forward to finding new and creative ways the ASA can work with and support each organization. Completion of this form is required to renew coordinate organization status, and to receive benefits such as free use of meeting space at the Annual Meeting.

You can find more information about coordinate organization requirements and benefits on the ASA website. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact the ASA Secretariat at [email protected].