We at the African Studies Association are full of sorrow over the massive human toll exacted by Cyclone Idai on the peoples of Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe. As we write 750 people across southern Africa have been reported dead; more than a half million people have been displaced by flooding and landslides; and 110,000 people are living in reception camps. Mozambique’s fourth-largest city, Beira, is largely destroyed. Relief efforts coordinated by local and international groups are beginning to have a positive effect, but there are huge challenges ahead.

Members of the African Studies Association may wish to consult this list of aid organisations that are working in the region:


Individual members of the African Studies Association have recommended support for the following organisations. The ASA cannot vouch for any of these organisations. If there are additional relief campaigns that ASA members wish to bring to public notice, please contact the secretariat at [email protected] We will update this list in response to members’ requests.






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