Dear ASA Community Members,

As we move into the second quarter of 2022, and closer to ASA’s 65th Annual Meeting, we wish to make you aware of several changes in the ASA’s leadership and operations. During the early months of 2022, several members of the ASA Secretariat announced their departures to pursue new and exciting opportunities. As with all departures, these recent resignations are bittersweet.

After nine years of unparalleled service, Deputy Director Kathryn Salucka accepted an exciting leadership position befitting her skills and expertise. Her tremendous contributions to our institution will continue to shape the Association for years to come. After nearly five years of service, Program Manager Lori Ann Chitty Ray announced her own career change and will leave the Association in April for an opportunity at Concur. Her vibrant personality and spirited commitment to our membership will be sorely missed. While we will miss their dynamism, expertise, and professionalism, they will continue to be important members of the ASA community from their new posts. We are grateful for their extensive service, and we look forward to watching them flourish in their new positions.

Included in these departures is ASA Executive Director, Abdul Tejan Cole, who recently announced his decision to pursue his dream of earning a PhD. His collegiality will be missed in the Association’s leadership, but we support this exciting opportunity to continue his education. We look forward to the day when he becomes one of our colleagues in the professorate and wish him great success in his studies.

The ASA remains in excellent hands, as the Board and remaining Secretariat are working closely to ensure that operations are maintained and programming continues to grow. The ASA Board gave a vote of confidence to Alix Saba, who they appointed Interim Executive Director of the ASA. Alix brings executive management competencies to the ASA Secretariat, and demonstrated exemplary leadership in her role as ASA Programs Manager over the last few years. We are deeply fortunate to have such dedicated and talented colleagues in leadership positions at this time and thank them for their volunteerism during this period of transition. We also thank the ASA community for their patience as we take this opportunity to adjust and refine our operations for a post-COVID world.

Please join us in wishing these talented members of our community best of luck in these exhilarating endeavors. We have extended invitations for each of them to join us in Philadelphia this November, and we hope to see them there for warm reunions and welcome updates. We also hope to see you, our broader ASA community, this November for the 65th Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. This milestone anniversary, and first in-person gathering since 2019, is an opportunity for us to come together and realize a dynamic and inspiring exchange of ideas. We look forward to seeing you there.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the aforementioned changes, please feel free to reach out to the ASA leadership at [email protected] or ASA President, Dr. Ousseina Alidou directly. Thank you for your continued support of the African Studies Association.

Wishing You a Peaceful, Healthy, and Safe Year.