The African Studies Association is pleased to announce the opening of the application period for a travel subsidy grant to support your advocacy for international education, the humanities, and social science. The National Humanities Alliance and the Consortium of Social Science Associations will be holding conferences in Washington, DC, in 2018, which will include the opportunity to visit your elected representatives on Capitol Hill. The ASA believes it is critical for our members to be represented at these events and for the voices of the field of African Studies to be heard by representatives in the federal government as they prepare to make key decisions about funding for international education, the humanities, social science, and higher education as a whole. These conferences will also provide ASA members with tools and strategies to advocate for African Studies on campus and in other local arenas.

The ASA will award two travel subsidies of $1000 to ASA members to facilitate their attendance at one of two advocacy events scheduled in Washington, DC. These events are the 
NHA Annual Meeting and Advocacy Day and the COSSA Science Policy Conference and Advocacy Day. Each event consists of a one day conference that will focus on advocacy strategies, information about federal funding, and more, as well as a day on Capitol Hill to meet with elected officials.

The ASA will provide the selected members with a $1000 subsidy to help cover the costs of registration, travel, and accommodation. The subsidy will likely not cover the entire amount of attending, and attendees will be responsible for any additional costs.


Because visits on Capitol Hill are limited to the congressional representatives of the individuals who participate, preference will be given to constituents of representatives on the key committees involved in decision-making for international education and higher education funding, in particular the Senate Labor, HHS, and Education Sub-committee of the Senate Appropriations Committee: and the House Labor, HHS, and Education Sub-Committee of the Appropriations Committee: 

Applications can be submitted via this online form, and must be received by Friday, January 26. Successful applicants will be expected to attend the entirety of their selected conference, and to write a blog post about their experience.
All ASA members are encouraged to apply. To read the experiences from the 2017 awardees, please see here and here.
If you have any questions, please contact the ASA at [email protected]