You can now sign-up to participate in the 2017 Exhibit Hall and to advertise in the 2017 Final Program.

First, select your preferred booth by reviewing the floor plan (premium booths are designated in red): 2017 Floor Plan

Second, complete the Exhibitor and Advertiser Registration Form:

You will notice that the ASA has made some exciting changes to our Exhibit Hall this year. The ASA has teamed up with an organization called Sponsorship Boost to expand our exhibitor and sponsorship audience and to improve the overall effectiveness of our Exhibit Hall. Sponsorship Boost has more than 20 years of experience working with Associations, including other Learned Societies, on sponsorships, exhibits, and advertising. Sponsorship Boost brings us expertise on how to ensure that you, our exhibitors, get the most out of your participation in our Annual Meeting.

Some of the innovations in this year’s Exhibit Hall include:

  1) The ability for exhibitors to select a specific premium ($1100) or standard ($900) booth on the floor plan
  2) New booth/advertising packages with discounted rates!
    – Platinum Premier Package (2 Premium Booths + 2 Full-page ads + Post-conference Mailing List)-$2880 (20% off!)
    – Gold Premier Package (1 Premium Booth + 1 Full-page ad)- $1620 (10% off!)
    – Gold Standard Package (1 Standard Booth + 1 Full-page ad)-$1440 (10% off!)
    – Display Table Package (1 6ft Display Table + 1 Full-page ad)- $840 (10% off!)
  3) The introduction of new “table displays” ($550) for non-profits and Africa-based publishers and book stores Subject to ASA approval (Please note that only six tabletops are available.)
  4) Improved floor-plan to increase traffic to booths
Lauren Villavaso will be your main point of contact for this year’s Exhibit Hall and Final Program ads. You may contact Lauren at or by email at [email protected] or by phone at 301-200-4616 x 107. We hope that Lauren and the team at Sponsorship Boost will exceed your expectations and continue the tradition we have for excellent service. We also intend to open up some exciting new sponsorship opportunities this year. If you are interested in finding out more about sponsorship, then Lauren can update you on those opportunities as well.