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This page contains suggestions and resources to support ASA members engaged in advocacy. If you have suggestions of other resources or content to be shared on this page, please fill out this form.

How to Write to a Federal Representative
Contacting your representative to advocate for a law, funding, or to invite them to an event can be an effective tool to help support your work.  The ASA has put together a brief set of suggestions to assist our members in this task.
1)    Find out who your representatives are. It is generally best to contact your representative, even if they are not the one proposing a bill, etc. You can utilize the EmailCongress database to find your Senators and Representatives.
2)    If you mail a physical letter, include your address on the letter itself. Envelopes are not always included with the letter.
3)    Identify within the first sentence what your “ask” is, and be concise and polite. If you are able to support your position with facts and/or personal stories, do include them. However, try to keep your letter to one page.

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