Responding to Needs: Individual and State Strategies to Managing Every Day Life
Geopoetics of Care and Repair in the Postcolony Part IV: Care and Repair in Digitopian presents and Futures
Geopoetics of Care and Repair in the Postcolony Part III: Towards an Ethics of Care in Postcolonial Governance?
Decolonizing the African State: historical ethnographic approaches
Geopoetics of Care and Repair in the Postcolony Part II: The Politics and Intimacies of Health Care
Geopoetics of Care and Repair in the Postcolony Part I: Materiality of Repair and Care Across African Landscapes of Labour
Studying International Interventions in Contemporary Africa: Decolonizing Projects, Historical and Ethnographic Approaches
Religious Responses to Pandemics
COVID-19, Trauma, and the State in Africa
The Multivalent Impacts of COVID-19 on Youth
Public Health Initiatives and Local Responses
Pandemic Consequences: Historical and Contemporary Responses to Disease, Part II
Pandemic Consequences: Historical and Contemporary Responses to Disease, Part I
Music, Film, and Art during the COVID-19 Pandemic
COVID, Conflicts, and Sociopolitical Instability in Global Africa: Appraising the Current and Future Impact of the Crisis on Human Security
Women and Gender Relations During COVID-19
The COVID-19 Convergence of Diplomacy, Pan-Afriacanism, & Humanitarianism
Drylands Facing Covid-19: Collaborative research on gendered impacts, electoral politics, and local (mis)understandings of the pandemic in dryland Eastern Africa
Policing in the Pandemic
COVID and Africa in the Global Setting
Governance and COVID-19
Religion, Political Leadership, and COVID-19
Coronavirus on the Continent: Government and Citizen Responses
African Immigrants and Refugees: Work, COVID, & Climate Crisis
Power Politics: Reproduction, Survival, and Access
Intersections of Politics and Entertainment During COVID-19
Comparative Histories of Epidemics and Pandemics
The Politics of the Archives: From the Print Era to the Digital Age Part II
The Politics of the Archives: From the Print Era to the Digital Age Part I
Podcasts and the Study of Africa: A Digital Technology’s Impact on Research, Teaching, and Public Engagement
New Light on the Arabic Writings of Omar Ibn Said
Frontiers in the Digital History of Slavery and Abolition
Communication and the Generational Tech Gap
Education, Liberation, and Citizenship in Post-Colonial Africa
The Scope of Pedagogical Vision: Individual, National, and Planetary
Land, Resources, and Energy Use in Senegal: Past and Present
Critical Conservation Studies
Community, Consumption, and Environmental Production: Lessons from Africa
Climate Justice as Racial Justice
Nature, Culture, Power in food security and Resource Management
Decolonizing Wildlife: Persistence of “Colonial Game” or New Possibilities for Integrating Communities and Animals?
Narrating Nature: Wildlife Conservation and Maasai Ways of Knowing
Women as Agents and Actors in Digital Media and Performing Arts
What About Widows Part V: Widow Rights and Widowhood Rites
What About Widows Part IV: Inheritance Rights and Wrongs
What About Widows Part III: Widowhood, Law, & Custom
What About Widows Part II: Slavery, Inheritance, & Slave-Trading Widows
What About Widows Part I: The Resilience Of Widows
Rethinking Women in South Africa’s Congress Movement(s)
Prismatic Performances: Queer South Africa and the Fragmentation of the Rainbow Nation
Kwaito Bodies: Remastering Space and Subjectivity in Postapartheid South Africa
Theory, Place, and History: T.J. Tallie’s Queering Colonial Natal
Politicizing Sex in Contemporary Africa: Homophobia in Malawi
Women’s Representation, Authorship, & Agency in Global African Literature, Art, and Media, Part II
The Power and Possibilities of African Queer Aesthetics
Women’s Representation, Authorship, & Agency in Global African Literature, Art, and Media, Part I
Islam, Gender, and Sexuality in West Africa
Gender and Islam in Africa
Health, Disease, and Environment
Challenging Settled Narratives: Disability Research and the Experience of Disability in Ghana
Reflecting on the 20th Anniversary of the Durban Conference
Mental Health & Healing in Africa
State and Society’s Impact on Public Health
Religious and Spiritual Consideration in Healthcare and Health Practices
Children, Youth, and Globalization
African Penal Histories
Publishing in the Journal of West African History
Liberated Africans and Libertos in the Western Indian Ocean
Sport and African History: The Case of Kenya
Militarizing Marriage Meets Critics
Decolonizing the Archive? Power and Persistence in Archival Practices and Historiography
Museums, Archaeology, and the State in Colonial and Post-Colonial Nigeria
Knowledge, Identity and Uncertainty along Networks of Liberation and Counter-Insurgency
Debates on Restitution and Repatriation Claims: African Heritage in the Museum
Local, Revolutionary politics and International Relations
Atomic Junction: Nuclear Power in Africa after Independence
Edward W. Blyden’s Intellectual Transformations
Making and Resisting Colonialism Through Law
Language, Religion, and Decolonization
Gendered Troubles: Gender, Class, and Ethnicity
Reconsidering German Colonialism in Africa: Timelines, Comparisons, Legacies
Africans and Europeans: Exchanging Luxury Products During the Era of the Atlantic Slave Trade
Law, Order, and Citizenship
Language and Living on the Swahili Coast
Indian Ocean Epistemologies and African-Asian Studies
African Studies Review Keywords
Teaching While Black: African History and the Politics of Blackness in the Classroom
New Theoretical Approaches to African Literary Studies
Empathy and Trauma in African Literature
Africa in Performance
Soft Power Censorship in African Literatures, Film, Visual Arts, and Public Cultures
Subversive Traditions
At Penpoint: African Literatures, Postcolonial Studies, and the Cold War
The Tongue-Tied Imagination: Decolonizing Literary Modernity in Senegal
African Children, Agency, and the Politics of Representation Part II
African Children, Agency, and the Politics of Representation Part I
The Asian Presence in East Africa: History, Community, and Identity
Seeking Something Different Through International Migration
Complicating Borders for Refugees and the Forcibly Displaced
Consumers, Entrepreneurs, Students, and Translators: Peopling China-Africa Relations
Being and Belonging Across Boundaries
Preservation and Exploration of Tradition
African Music Documentary: Screenings and Conversations with Filmmakers
Power, Purpose and Possibilities of African Music in the Twenty First Century
The Performance of National Identity
The Beautiful Skin: Football, Fantasy, and Cinematic Bodies in Africa
African Modernism and New Scholarship
African Sculpture and Modernism: International Perspectives
Problematics and Paradigms of Peacebuilding and Development
Land, Elections, and Political Violence in Africa
Rethinking Security in Africa: Exploring New Formulations for Security Policy on the Continent
Terrorism, Conflict, and Stability
States, Security, and Citizenship
Political Violence
Institutional Actors in African Development and Sovereignty
African Worldmaking: New Frames in Global Engagement
West African Security Now: Recent Shifts in Peace & Democracy in Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, and Burkina Faso and their Regional Implications
The Question of Africa in International Relations
Shaping the Future of Power
Fighting High-Level Corruption in Africa: The Politics and Realities of Law Enforcement
African Understandings and Agency in China-Africa Engagements
Ethnographies of the State and Democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa
Ethiopia in Theory: Revolution and Knowledge Projection, 1964-2016
States of Justice: The Politics of the International Criminal Court
Authority and Influence in Elections in sub-Saharan Africa
Development Impacts of Chinese Activities in Africa
Colonial and Contemporary Dynamics of Taxation in Africa
Crime and Justice
Decentralization in Africa
Civil Society and Advocacy
The State and Democracy in Africa
Regional Security Complexes and African Foreign Policies
Political Order and Violence in Nigeria
Policy-Making and Governance
Year II of Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi’s Presidency, Diverse Perspectives
Let There Be Money: The Social, Financial, and Political Worlds of Zimbabwean Currencies
Challenges of Power and Leadership Transition
Assessing Accountability in Elections and Governance in Africa
Education in the Face of Social Challenge
Buying Votes: Elite Power and Clientelism in Africa
Reforming Citizenship and Security in Senegambia
Nigeria at 60: Governance, Human Rights and Justice for the 21st Century
The Rise and Fall of Public Engagement, Protest, and Dissent in African Politics
Conflict in Burkina Faso
Post-Colonial Political Experiences
The Role of Land and Resources in African Growth, Development, and Politics
Reconsidering Ethnic Dimensions and Motivations in Kenya
Regional Strategies for Political and Developmental Leadership in Africa
Long-Run Effects of Historical Customary Institutions
Envisioning New Frameworks for African Political Histories
Economic Considerations in Political Development
Business and Social Crisis in Africa
Covid-19: Vaccine Nationalism, Weaponised Public Space, and the Media in Africa
New Research on Ethiopian Cinema
Sports, Violence, and The Nation
More Than a Game: The Role of Place within African Sports
Conflict in the Digital Space
Trends and Strategies of Political Communication Over Time
Beneath the Surface: A Transnational History of Skin Lighteners
Exploring Themes of Ecocriticism, Religion, and Migration in Literature and Memory
The Legacy of Colonialism and the Emergence of Afrophobia
“Does Anybody Live Beyond you?” Demonstrating the Maghreb’s Africanity
Critical Perspectives on ‘China-Africa’ Studies
African Muslim Media and Global Possibilities
Political Islam, Justice, and Governance
Religious Articulation, Expression and Co-Existence Amidst Colonial Rule
Legacies of Verse: The Sufi Poetry of the Bilād al-Sūdān
Religion and Political Action in Postcolonial Africa
Media and Discourses of Justice, Virtue and Health in Contemporary African Religions
Decolonizing Africana Sociologies
Politics and Memory in the Sahel
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Rwandan Culture, Society and History
Fulbright U.S. Scholar Opportunities in Africa
African Academic Diasporas and Higher Education in Africa: Towards Consolidation and Sustainability
Making Films and Documenting Lives in Postcolonial Ghana
Babel Unbound: Rage, Reason and Rethinking Public Life
Language Policy in Kenya: Multilingualism as Both Problem and Solution
Africa’s Development Possibilities: Perspectives on Emerging Issues in Government, Health, Education, and Sports
Ubuntu Dialogues: Afrocentric Possibilities for Transregional Engagement and Co-creation and Dissemination of Knowledge
Tejumola Olaniyan’s Legacy in African Cultural Studies Part IV
Persistent Collecting: Building and Supporting African Studies’ Collections in the 21st Century
Multivalent Perspectives on the Sudanese Revolution
African Studies and Agenda 2063 in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)
Tejumola Olaniyan’s Legacy in African Cultural Studies Part III
Tejumola Olaniyan’s Legacy in African Cultural Studies Part II
Tejumola Olaniyan’s Legacy in African Cultural Studies Part I
Life On the Cusp: Imagining Futures from Rural to Urban Ghana
Oduntun’s Challenge to Eurocentric Agency, Temporality, and Space
Possibilities in African Urban History
Urban Africa in Cross-Regional Comparative Perspective
What about Sapeuses? Tariq Zaidi’s Sapeurs: Ladies and Gentlemen of the Congo
Online Research & Teaching with Africa Maps: Tips, Techniques, Examples & Resources
Uses of “Genocide” in Cameroon
Museum Inclusivity: Innovations for the Traveling Exhibition
Memorial for Crawford Young
The State of Multinational Federalism in Ethiopia
On Beyoncé’s Africa: African Perspectives on Black is King
Where Are the Youth?: A COVID Response for Youth Mental Health in Nigeria
Shortcut English: A Pidgin Language and its Role in Violence at Chinese-Operated Mines in Zambia
The Political, Historical and Social Implications of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Kenya
Historicising the Dilemmas and Hope in a Hospital Setting during a Pandemic
Concepts and Ethics of Identity: COVID-19, the Legacy of Race Science, and the Recognition of the Social Determinants of Health
Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs) and COVID-19 Pandemic in Ibadan, Nigeria
Conflict, Political Economy, and Calls for Action in Northern Mozambique