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Leach, Steven

Pronouns: He/Him

Email Contact: stevenhleach[at]gmail.com

Dr. Steven Leach is a Security Fellow with Truman National Security Project and has a PhD in International Relations from London Metropolitan University, writing skeptically of U.S.-funded programs to counter violent extremism through community partners in Zanzibar. Areas of experience and expertise include countering violent extremism, the role of religion in conflict, early warning/early response mechanisms, local peace committees, and local capacities for resilient-sustainable-measurable-locally generated change. Steven is a conflict transformation practitioner, facilitator, and researcher. He lived in sub-Saharan Africa for five+ years, working with community partners to strategize on how to identify and address escalating tensions before they became violent. He managed projects with partners in Tanzania, Uganda, and South Africa. He has written resources and reports for the Center for Security Studies, Peace Direct, EEAS, and other partners. Contact via email.