The ASA is thrilled to announce its 2022 Fellowships for Carnegie supported scholars. This year, the ASA will be offering unique opportunities to which Carnegie supported scholars can submit proposals. ASA will be hosting a virtual skills-building workshop September 23 & 24 focusing on presentation skills as well as the development and effective utilization of visual aids. The virtual format will allow greater accessibility and foster interdisciplinary, international mentorship with the participation of both peer-mentors and senior scholar mentors. Scholars are asked to indicate when submitting their presentation proposals whether or not they are interested and available to travel to the ASA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, November 17-19. From the accepted workshop participants, eight will be selected to present their work at ASA Annual Meeting in person, adapting the skills developed virtually to an in person audience.

We are delighted to invite submissions from the Carnegie support programs below and look forward to welcoming 15 new fellows in this year’s cohort. Please feel free to download the PDF call to circulate here.

Carnegie scholars are invited to submit presentation proposals to one of the following topics:
*Please note: the questions under each topical title are for thought and reflection. We aim for these groups to be deeply interdisciplinary, so if you feel your work may fit broadly within the heading even if the questions do not directly address your work, please submit a proposal.

Building Sustainable Futures: Climate Change, Policy, & Urbanism
What is the role of government and policy in Africa’s environmental sustainability? How do these sustainable futures impact and shape urban growth, conservation efforts, & rural communities throughout Africa? How are agricultural practices and trends responding to the need for environmental sustainability? Are sustainability and technology diametrically opposed or necessarily intertwined? What about capitalism and consumerism? In what ways can environmentally sustainable futures shape equitable governance structures, social stability, and peacebuilding?

African Urban Cultures: Dynamic Histories, Contemporary Spaces
How do different material cultures throughout Africa impact and shape the development of cities we see taking place? How have governance structures, policies, and social practices shaped urban living alongside those material cultures in lasting ways? What internal and transnational factors have fostered the development of cities in Africa? How do we understand the historical and social dynamics of African urban spaces as distinct from rural ones? Using diverse tools from political organization, to technological innovation, to artistic production, how have Africans built unique physical urban spaces? How can the world center African urban societies to understand global urban history and development?

Women’s Voices in African Experiences of Health, Healing, & Disability
Where do women have a voice in sharing their journeys of healing, disability, or wellness? How has the urban-rural divide impacted women’s experiences in various medicinal spaces? What roles do women play in the wellness and medical care of family in contemporary African cities? How have shifting socio-political landscapes on gender and sexuality impacted experiences of health and healing in different medical traditions? In what ways has mental health care shifted during the pandemic and how have those shifts impacted women and families? What about programming and services for disabled people? How does living in a globalized, technologically connected world impact experiences of health, healing, and disability for women?

Presentation Proposal
The presentation abstract should consist of a statement about the topic, the nature and extent of the research on which the paper is based, and a brief summary of the main argument(s) (a maximum of 200 words). All proposals must be submitted via this form and must be received by Thursday, June 30, 2022.

Participation Expectations
The ASA’s two-part event will provide multiple opportunities to bring together scholars for skills enhancement in a more accessible manner, while still supporting some that wish to travel to the in-person Annual Meeting in November. The virtual workshop, September 23 & 24, will focus on presentation skills as well as the development and effective utilization of visual aids for 15 Carnegie supported scholars in three topical groups. Each presentation group will include five Carnegie supported scholars, a peer mentor, and a senior scholar mentor. The ASA will then facilitate the in-person participation of eight scholars from the original 15 in curated panels at the Annual Meeting, November 17-19. Scholars will utilize the workshop training, and adapt it for an in-person setting. Scholars attending the Annual Meeting will be expected to communicate with panel chairs via email one month prior to the Annual Meeting.
Selected participants will be granted two-year memberships in the African Studies Association and ASA Emerging Scholars Network and a data stipend to support internet connection to facilitate meetings and participation. Annual Meeting attendees will additionally receive conference registration and travel funding.

The African Studies Association invites fellows from the following networks to submit paper proposals:
– African Humanities Program
– African Peacebuilding Network
– African Research Universities Alliance, Centers of Excellence
– Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa
– African Leadership Centre
– Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa
– Regional Initiative in Science and Education
– Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture
– CCNY supported projects at the University of Ghana
– CCNY supported projects at Makerere University
– CCNY supported projects at the University of the Witwatersrand
– CCNY supported projects at the University of Cape Town
– CCNY supported fellows at the University of Pretoria Future Africa Institute
– Partnership for African Social and Governance Research
– Centre on African Philanthropy and Social Investment at the University of the Witwatersrand

Please note: Individuals that have previously been awarded an ASA Presidential Fellowship or a CCNY Fellowship to attend the ASA Annual Meeting are not eligible for the 2022 CCNY Fellowship.

Proposals can be submitted via this form. All proposals must be submitted by Thursday, June 30. Proposals submitted via email will not be accepted. If you have any questions, please contact Alix Saba, at [email protected]