Positioned as a challenge to the African Leaders Summit, Empowered Africa will gather a broad range of constituencies and multi-issue organizations from the United States and Africa that have influenced progressive organizing on U.S.-Africa relations. These organizations include those working on human rights, conflict, labor, gender, climate justice, health and sustainable development locally and transnationally.

The Dialogue is an important opportunity to focus renewed attention on Africa by bringing in new energy from young activists and organizers on the continent. Participants from Africa and the U.S. come with many experiences and multiple perspectives on how to shape not only foreign policy agendas but also domestic ones.  There will be moderated discussion group sessions that focus on: Climate Justice on Our Common Planet, Militarism and Human Security, Food Security and Land Grabbing, Trade Unions and Democracy and Rising Inequality and Illicit Financial Flows.

Speakers will include: 

– Mithika Mwenda, Pan African Climate Justice Alliance

– Brenda Mofya, Oxfam International

– Horace Campbell, Syracuse University

– M. Jahi Chapelle, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

– Scholastica Haule, Action Aid Tanzania

– Able Ngigie, United Workers Union of Liberia

– Oretha Tarnue, United Workers Union of Liberia

– Alvin Mosioma, Tax Justice Network Africa

     – and more!

Defining the Moment

In his second term, President Obama initiated three programs to demonstrate an interest in Africa. He committed $7 billion over five years to “Power Africa,” a largely corporate initiative aimed at increasing access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa. The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) was established to train 500 young people from Africa in entrepreneurship and business, civic leadership, and public management. The final project is the African Leaders Summit in Washington, DC on August 5-6. Our people’s event will occur the previous day.

The heads of state summit, the first of its kind, provides us with a unique opportunity to help shape the public debate and hold the Obama administration and African heads of State accountable on critical issues of peace and militarism, democracy, sustainability and climate justice. 

Our goals are to build solidarity between U.S. and African based activists and to provide a space to critically engage US-Africa policy and strategies to transform it. 

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