Suggestions were of two kinds. The first, addressed to members of the humanities community, recommended actions to be taken by individuals, departments, and cross-institutional networks without the need for external funding. The second, directed to international stakeholders and national governments, identified policy changes and targets for investment of resources.

The ideas generated at the Forum were gathered in “Recommendations for Reinvigorating the Humanities in Africa,” released by AHP in December 2014 and submitted as a policy discussion document to the upcoming African Higher Education Summit. The Summit, convened by TrustAfrica and set to take place March 10- 12, 2015 in Dakar, Senegal, will bring together national and higher education policy makers to identify a shared vision and establish the next steps forward for the higher education sector in Africa.

The AHP’s recommendations document aims to represent the voice of the humanities community within the Summit’s sphere of educators and legislators, to emphasize that the humanities have unique needs and can make singular contributions to the revitalization of the academy on the continent. The document notes several action points for the humanities community, including strengthening PhD training, improving the experience and availability of mentoring, nurturing a culture of research and teaching, curtailing the consultancy culture, improving mechanisms for disseminating new knowledge, and encouraging academics’ participation in the public sphere.

Since the release of “Recommendations for Reinvigorating the Humanities in Africa” in December 2014, the document has circulated widely, garnering much useful feedback. The AHP encourages colleagues in Africa and in African Studies to join the dialogue. We look forward to hearing from you.

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