The Royal Air Maroc-African Studies Association Student Travel Award aims to facilitate and increase the movement of students and the exchange of ideas, between students of African Studies in Africa and the United States. The overarching aim of the award is to acknowledge outstanding scholarship by future African Studies scholars. The award, which consists of complimentary airline tickets between the United States and any Royal Air Maroc (RAM) destination in Africa (a list of destinations can be found on the RAM website), is given every year at the ASA’s Annual Meeting.

Each year, several tickets will be awarded to competitively selected students who have displayed outstanding scholarship in their area of study. Award tickets may be used to facilitate research, study abroad, and/or travel home for African students studying in the United States. Please note: This award is subject to blackout dates. Awarded tickets may not be used between December 15-January 15, and June 15-September 15.


Students from Africa pursuing studies and/or conducting research in the United States, and students from the United States pursuing studies and/or conducting research in Africa are eligible to apply for the award. Please note that travel must occur within 12 months of receiving the award.

To Apply

Applications are being accepted in one of the following ways:


Only nominations from ASA members will be accepted. To renew your membership, please visit the ASA’s membership page.

ASA Members are eligible to nominate outstanding students for the award.

Students may self-nominate themselves for the award. If you self nominate, please note the requirements, listed below under Individual Applications.

Individual Applications

Students applying without the nomination of an ASA member will be requested to submit an online application and at least one letter of recommendation from a current Professor. Letters of recommendation should be emailed to the ASA Secretariat at [email protected] Students can indicate in their application whether they would like to be considered for two round-trip tickets. Requests for two tickets must be justified during the application process.


Applications must be received by Tuesday, April 30 to be considered for the 2019 award.

2018 Award Recipients

1. Oluseyi Odunyemi Agbelusi
2. Farinola Augustine
3. Maria Bastiao
4. Kelly Brignac
5. Kate Carter
6. Miriam Jerotich Kilimo
7. Samantha Lakin
8. Andrew Marshall
9. Nesrine Mbarek
10. Marion Gladys Mendy
11. Esteban Salas
12. Kaden Paulson- Smith
13. Michele Solorio
14. Sasa Tang
15.Melanie Thompson

2017 Award Recipients

1. Abdulbasit Kassim
2. Camille Dantzler
3. Nehal Elmeligy
4. Harrouna Malgoubi
5. Olanrewaju Lasisi
6. Boukary Sangare
7. Kevin Wamalwa
8. Tarek Ziadna
9. Samson Ndanyi
10. Cherie Saulter
11. Yassine Dguidegue
12. Matthew Steele
13. Abdul Gafaru Tahiru
14. Claire Seulgie Lim
15. Benjamin Kofi Nutor
16. Carlee Forbes
17. Antwi-Boasiako Kingsley
18. Richmond Danso
19. Isaac Dery

2016 Award Recipients

1. Shamilla Amulega
2. Olajumoke Ayandele
3. Benedine Azanu
4. Rebecca Yvonne Bayeck
5. Clovis Bergere
6. Emilie Diouf
7. Bryan Dougan
8. Mokake Flavius
9. Paul Grant
10. Katie J. Hickerson
11. Byrd Javoen
12. Natalie Letsa
13. Madina Thiam
14. Moustapha Ndour
15. Adeola Oni-Orisan
16. Andriamanana  Rijasoa
17. Scott Ross
18. Sana Saidykhan
19. Samantha Stevens-Hall

2015 Award Recipients

1. Abbesi Akhamie New York University
2. Abdul-Gafaru Tahiru Howard University
3. Allen Xiao University of Wisconsin-Madison
4. Emily Bishop Columbia University
6. Frank Blibo Harvard University
7. Fiacre Bienvenu Florida International University
8. Kingsley Antwi-Boasiako Ohio University
9. Kpedetin D. Oke Howard University
10. Lauren Honig Cornell University
11. Mamadou Dia New York University
12. Margaret Ariotti Pennsylvania State University
13. Michelle Reddy Stanford University
14. Neuvic Kalmar Malembanie Howard University
15. Tarek Ziadna University of Wisconsin-Madison
16. Tesfaye Abebe Howard University
17. William Narteh Gblerkpor University of Texas at Austin
18. Yoonbin Ha American University

2014 Award Recipients

  1. Raymond Boly McDaniel College
  2. Yaa Ampofo Yale University
  3. Matthew T. Claeys University of Ghana
  4. Nikhita Obeegadoo Stanford University
  5. Sarah Sharp Howard University
  6. Naa Ameley Quaye University of Oregon
  7. Samuel Anderson UCLA
  8. Nana Abena Dansowaa Amoah Indiana University
  9. Justine Davis University of California, Berkeley
  10. Mercy Itohan Odumwonyi Rice University
  11. Sarfo-Panin Kwabena Earlham College
  12. Sao-Kpato Max-Kyne Howard University
  13. Herbert Muhammad Abdur Rahim Howard University
  14. Advor Tsikudo Kwame University of Minnesota
  15. Richard Akum School of Oriental and African Studies


2013 Award Recipients

  1. Caitlin Carroll University of Wisconsin-Madison
  2. Chipo Dendere Georgia State University
  3. Yasmine El Baggari Hampshire College
  4. Hicham El Majdi University of Wisconsin-Madison
  5. Hewan Girma Stony Brook University
  6. Mustapah Hashim Kurfi Boston University
  7. Cheikh Tidiane Lo Indiana University Bloomington
  8. Maymoud Naglaa Howard University
  9. Helen Olsen Rutgers University
  10. Katherine Tennis American University