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Asylum Claims (Country Expert)

Shumway, Rebecca

Affiliation: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Pronouns: she/her Email Contact: shumwayr[at]uwm.edu Website: https://uwm.edu/history/people/shumway-rebecca/ I am a historian of West Africa and the […]

Dinka, Etana

Affiliation: James Madison University Pronouns: He/Him/His Email Contact: dinkaex@jmu.edu Twitter: https://twitter.com/ittaanaa_haftee Etana H. Dinka is Assistant Professor of History at […]

Singbeh, Thomas N.

Keywords: Africa Political Thought, Liberian Political History, Political Risk Analysis, Policy Development & Analysis

Akinyetun, Tope Shola

Keywords: Security, Development Studies, Insurgency, Digitization. Identity Politics

Ahodode, Bernadin Géraud Comlan

Keywords: Innovation, Firms Performance, Industrial Performance, Economic Growth, Sustainable Competitiveness

Kretzer, Michael M.

Keywords: Language Policy, Education systems, Health Communication, IKS, Environmental Education

Acey, Charisma

Keywords: Environmental Planning and Governance, Water and Sanitation, Poverty Alleviation, Environmental Justice, Community Engagement