Under this new operating agreement, coordinate organizations will have the ability to use the ASA’s 501c3 status when seeking grants and other funding opportunities. This new relationship has been adopted as part of the 60th Anniversary Campaign of the ASA, which identifies support of coordinate organizations a top priority for the future of the ASA.

Coordinate organizations will keep their current benefits, such as space at the Annual Meeting for a reception or business meeting, a panel or roundtable on the program without review, and more. However, the ASA will expand these benefits to include online dues collection, financial tracking, website pages, and more. If you are an officer in a coordinate organization and have specific questions about these new benefits please contact the ASA at [email protected]  All coordinate organizations must determine if they wish to move to this status by signing an operating agreement with the ASA by the end of 2017. Should they wish to remain separate from the ASA, their status will be changed to “affiliate”. Affiliate organizations will be granted space at the Annual Meeting for receptions/business meetings, and a panel/roundtable on the program without review.

The ASA is also announcing our new coordinate organization grant program. In 2017, all coordinate and affiliate organizations will have the opportunity to apply for a grant from the ASA for up to $500 to help support an event or project the organization is planning for the calendar year. In 2017 up to three grants will be awarded to organizations, supported by the 60th Anniversary Campaign Fund. This grant program will continue in future years, and if you would like to donate to the 60th Anniversary Campaign to support this initiative you can do so here.

Organizations can apply for the grant here. Applications must be received by March 31, 2017. Grant applications will be reviewed by the ASA Board of Directors at their Spring Board Meeting and decisions will be announced in May. The ASA is eager to continue our support of our coordinate organizations, and look forward to working with them to help them achieve their missions and goals.