• The expansion of the ASA Presidential Fellows Program, with a goal of doubling the number of scholars based in African institutions that we are able to support to attend the Annual Meeting
• Funding for initiatives for the Emerging Scholars Network, including professional development opportunities
• Conferences and events in Africa – the 50th Anniversary Fund provided $20,000 in travel support for scholars to attend the first ever ASA meeting on the continent. We hope the 60th Anniversary Fund will provide similar support in future meetings
• Expansion of ASA advocacy programs and events
• Creation of a small grants program for ASA coordinate organizations

One month into 2017, ASA members have already supported this initiative with donations totaling just over $10,000, putting us 10% toward our goal. This funding would allow for:

• 3 additional Presidential Fellows to attend the Annual Meeting
• 5 travel subsidies to be given for the next ASA conference in Africa
• 10 awards to ASA members to attend advocacy conferences in Washington, DC
• 20 small grants for coordinate organizations

Do you want to see more of these, and other activities? Please consider supporting the 60th Anniversary Campaign today! In this first month of 2017, the ASA has just over 100 members, and we have 56 supporters of the 60th Anniversary Campaign – if you have not yet registered for your 2017 ASA membership, please consider adding a donation when you register. If all ASA members contributed $60 to honor 60 years, we would surpass our $100,000 goal.

You can support the 60th Anniversary Campaign here, or when you register for ASA membership on the myASA portal. When you support the 60th Anniversary Campaign, make sure to check to see if your employer matches gifts – take your dollars further with a matching gift from your employer! If you have questions about employer gift matching, please contact the ASA at [email protected]


The ASA thanks the following members for their support of the 60th Anniversary Campaign:

Nwando Achebe
Aderonke Adesanya
Ousseina Alidou
Jean Allman
Ned Alpers
Charles Ambler
Sandra Barnes
Iris Berger
Kelly Duke Bryant
Judith Byfield
Maria Cattell
Brenda Chalfin
Alan Cobley
Hunt Davis, Jr.
Josephine Dawuni
Souleymane Bachir Diagne
Deborah Durham
David Easterbrook
Jean Luc Enyegue
Toyin Falola
Victor Gomia
Kathleen Hanenburg
Gabrielle Hecht
Linda Heywood
Dorothy Hodgson
Goran Hyden
Allen Isaacman
Lansine Kaba
Martin Klein
Peter Little
Greg Maddox
Carol Martin
Joseph Miller
Ruth Murambadoro
Fawzia Mustafa
Catharine Newbury
Cyril Obi
Mary Osirim
Matthew Page
Michael Panzer
Jack Parson
Derek Peterson
Anne Pitcher
Catherine Lee Porter
James Pritchett
Abdi Samatar
Eve Sandberg
Kathleen Sheldon
Scott Taylor
Leslie Townsend
Aili Tripp
Ernest Uwazie
Stephen Volz
David S. Wiley and Christine E. Root
Jennifer Yanco
M. Crawford Young