The podcast series will continue at the 60th Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL, and we will be expanding opportunities for people to become involved! Matrix Digital Media Lab will host a pre-conference workshop on podcasting and digital presence, and emerging scholars will have the opportunity to conduct interviews for podcast episodes. Watch for the ASA Annual Meeting Preliminary Program for more information.

In addition to the podcast series, the ASA has a new YouTube channel that has videos of lectures and highlighted events from past Annual Meetings. All of the keynote lectures from the 2016 Annual Meeting can be found on the channel, and the ASA is continuously working on populating the channel with other lectures and keynote events from our archives. This channel will serve as a place for ASA members and other individuals interested in African Studies to have access to the thought-provoking lectures and discussions that occur at the Annual Meeting each year. If you have any questions, or suggestions of the type of videos you would like to see on the ASA YouTube channel, please contact the Secretariat at [email protected]

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