Please join the ASA Secretariat in congratulating our members on their recent accomplishments, and remember to let the ASA know of your achievements so the ASA can celebrate with you!

New Publications by ASA Members

Women and Power in Postconflict Africa (Cambridge University Press) by Aili Tripp, Professor of Political Science and Gender & Women’s Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Investing in Authoritarian Rule: Punishment and Patronage in Rwanda’s Gacaca Courts for Genocide Crimes (Cambridge University Press) by Anuradha Chakravarty, Assistant Professor, Political Science, University of South Carolina

Women in Twentieth-Century Africa (Cambridge University Press) by Iris Berger, University at Albany, State University of New York, Professor Emerita

Before Middle Passage: Translated Portuguese Manuscripts of Atlantic Slave Trading from West Africa to Iberian Territories, 1513-26 (Routledge) by Trevor P. Hall, Associate Professor of African History

Book chapter (co-authored): Defending Neoliberal Mali: French Military Intervention and the Management of Contested Political Narratives, by Bruno Charbonneau and Jonathan Sears, Assistant Professor, International Development Studies, University of Winnipeg. In The Politics of International Intervention: The Tyranny of Peace (Routledge). Edited by Mandy Turner, Florian P. Kühn

Muslims Beyond the Arab World: The Odyssey of Ajami and the Muridiyya (Oxford University Press) by Fallou Ngom, Boston University. Companion website.

African State Governance: Subnational Politics and National Power (Palgrave Macmillan) Edited by Carl LeVan, Joseph Yinka Fashagba, and Edward McMahon

Popobawa: Tanzanian Talk, Global Misreadings (Indiana University Press, forthcoming) by Katrina Thompson, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Historical Dictionary of Women in Sub-Saharan Africa, Second Edition (Rowman & Littlefield) by Kathleen Sheldon, Research affiliate, Center for the Study of Women, University of California, Los Angeles

Recognition, Awards, and Fellowships Awarded to ASA Members

Jeffrey Ahlman, Smith College

Ahlman was awarded a National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend for his project “‘Nkrumah Never Dies’: History, Culture, and the Power of Postcolonial Afterlives”.

Emmanuel Akyeampong, Harvard University

Akyeampong was appointed the new Oppenheimer Faculty Director of the Harvard University Center for African Studies.

Carl LeVan, American University

LeVan was recently promoted from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor with tenure in the School of International Service at American University in Washington, DC.

Kuruvilla Mathews, Addis Ababa University

Mathews served as an expert invitee to the ‘Tana High-Level Forum on Security in Africa’, which was held in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, in April 2016.

Sylvester Ogbechie, University of California, Santa Barbara

Ogbechie has been awarded a Smithsonian Institution Senior Fellowship Award (2016/2017) to conduct research on a book project titled Rethinking African Art History: Indigenous Arts, Modernity, and Discourses of the Contemporary. The book project investigates a fundamental split between the study of pre-colonial African art forms and those that developed in response to colonial and postcolonial experiences, urbanization, and globalization. It proposes a historiography of modern and contemporary African art that analyzes principal texts, artists/artworks and discursive practices in order to map how the shift from historic to modern and contemporary arts affects African art history, and suggests analytical frameworks that link both contexts in order to give the former discursive relevance and the latter historical awareness.

Katrina Thompson, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Thompson was promoted to Full Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Aili Tripp, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Tripp is working on a research project on Women and Legal Reform in the Maghreb. She taught at Al Akhawayn University and conducted research in Morocco for the academic year 2015-16. She received a Feminist Scholars Fellowship leave for the fall semester 2016 from the Center for Research on Gender and Women at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She was awarded a residency fellowship at the American Academy in Berlin for the spring 2017 semester. Tripp was awarded an endowed professorship, the Evjue-Bascom Professorship in Gender and Women’s Studies.