Renee DeLancey joined the ASA in February 2016, and will focus on ASA membership and meetings. In her role as Program Manager, Renee is responsible for organizing and executing the ASA Annual Meeting in the U.S. and conferences in Africa. Renee will also focus on ASA member relations and membership benefits. Renee is the go-to person for any questions you may have about the ASA Annual Meeting, including special topics such as the film screenings, local activities, and the Exhibit Hall. Renee will also serve as the point of contact for any queries about ASA membership and membership benefits. Renee joined the Secretariat after serving as the Administrative Manager of the Center for African Studies at Rutgers University, where she worked for over ten years. Her work at the center was multifaceted, including managing budgets, creating communications, website development, the coordination of events such as conferences, lectures, book launches and film screenings, graphic design and event publicity, facilitating the visits of fellows and visiting scholars, community building, Rutgers Senegal Service Learning administration, and more. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in English at the Pennsylvania State University, Renee worked in several industries including designer furniture, banking, real estate and risk management, before settling into the academia arena. She lived in Algeria as a young girl with her family, and, while she is delighted to have visited two other countries in Africa, Morocco and Senegal, she is eager to add many more African countries to that list! The ASA welcomes Renee to our staff, and to the ASA family. Renee has spent the last three months managing the Dakar 2016 conference, and you can find more information about that event here. If you are at Dakar 2016, make sure to find her and say hello!

The ASA is happy to share that Sonja Madison joined the Secretariat in January 2016, and serves as the new executive assistant of the association. Sonja brings with her over 20 years of experience working as an executive assistant in non-profits and in the financial industry. Please also join the ASA in congratulating Sonja on her recent completion of her Associates Degree, which was awarded to her last month by Essex Community College. Sonja wears many hats at the ASA, and is the first point of contact if you have questions about membership or meeting registration payment and processing, requests for invitation letters, requests to join the ASA mailing list, and more. Additionally, Sonja manages the ASA Presidential Fellows Program, and you can find more information about that program here.

Renee and Sonja join current ASA Program Manager Kathryn Salucka and Executive Director Suzanne Baazet at the Secretariat. Kathryn is shifting her responsibilities from managing the Annual Meeting to focus on outreach, communication, publications, and advocacy. In this role, she will serve as the point of contact for coordinate organizations and institutions looking to collaborate and engage with ASA. Kathryn will also lead the new ASA advocacy plan, and manage ASA News and the ASA blog. Suzanne Baazet will continue to oversee African Studies Association operations, development, and strategic planning, and serve as a liaison between the ASA Secretariat and the Board of Directors.

You can reach Sonja Madison at [email protected], or via phone at 848.445.1273. You can reach Renee DeLancey at [email protected], or via phone at 848.445.1367. Kathryn Salucka can be reached at [email protected], or via phone at 848.445.1368. You can reach Suzanne Baazet at [email protected], or via phone at 848.445.1369.