Accepted Board Motions
-To accept the policy change that the Author Meets Critic sessions will not count towards participation limits at the ASA Annual Meeting
-To approve all four African Humanities Program fellows nominated by ACLS to serve as ASA Presidential Fellows
-Approve the completed 2015 990 form
-Move forward in using TIAA CREF services for investment management
-Accept the proposed Development Plan
-Extend term to five years for African Studies Review editors
-In the case of a tie in Board election, a runoff vote will be conducted between the tied candidates with an election period of 10 days

Action Items for the ASA Secretariat
-Reassess meeting space in hotel contracts for the next five years to ensure the ASA has enough space to accommodate the growth in the meeting
-Encourage diversity in Annual Meeting submissions by including diversity guidelines in the submission guidelines
-Create a submission category in the 2017 CFP for participants to request submissions be considered for Board Sponsorship
-Consider implementing an art competition for the cover of the 2017 annual meeting program
-Conduct analysis on the titles submitted in the past three years for the Herskovits award to determine discipline trends
-Support activities listed in development plan
-Schedule a Coordinate Organization meeting during the Annual Meeting to discuss new opportunities for Coordinate Organizations and new ASA policies
-Work with the Emerging Scholars Network to create a yearly webinar schedule with topics to be determined