Vice President-elect

Jean Allman
Center for the Humanities, History, and African and African American Studies
Washington University in St. Louis
You can read Jean Allman’s candidate statement here: Jean Allman Candidate Statement.



Board Members-elect

Nwando Achebe
History Department and Journal of West African History
Michigan State University
You can read Nwando Achebe’s candidate statement here: Nwando Achebe Candidate Statement.




Cyril Obi
Program Director, African Peacebuilding Network
Social Science Research Council
You can read Cyril Obi’s candidate statement here: Cyril Obi Candidate Statement.



Derek R. Peterson
History and Afro-American & African Studies
University of Michigan
You can read Derek R. Peterson’s candidate statement here: Derek R. Peterson Candidate Statement.


Emerging Scholar Representative-elect


Ruth Murambadoro
University of Pretoria
You can read Ruth Murambadoro’s candidate statement here: Ruth Murambadoro Candidate Statement.


You may notice that the 2016 election included the opportunity to vote for an emerging scholar representative. The ASA is committed to supporting emerging scholars, and is pleased to continue to have a representative for the Emerging Scholars Network on the Board of Directors. For more information on the Emerging Scholars Network of the ASA, please visit their page on the ASA website.

The ASA Board of Directors congratulates its new officer and directors, and extends its sincere appreciation to all the candidates for their willingness to serve the Association.