The AASP’s activities are supported by extremely modest dues, which vary dependent upon the size of the African Studies program. The main work of the AASP is carried out on a voluntary basis by the Chair and Vice-Chair and Secretariat of the AASP who serve two-year terms. AASP members may lead African Studies programs or carry out their Africanist activity within programs that may include African and African-American Studies, Black Studies, Multicultural Studies, or Global Studies. AASP’s primary concern is to reach out and support all Africanists who shoulder campus responsibility for African-related activities and provide any assistance possible to help in the building and strengthening of African Studies programs across campuses in the United States. We encourage not only the nascent small programs with an interest in building a program, but even the middle size programs who may be struggling with enrollments to join our organization. The AASP’s primary goal is to share knowledge about improving programs and maximizing efforts on respective campuses.

Thank you,
Dr. Macrina C. Lelei
Chair, AASP