ASA News, Fall 2020

Introductory Note from the Editor:

To say that publishing this issue of ASA News is a triumph is an understatement. A preliminary outline of our ideal fall edition was sketched out in early February, long before we knew what 2020 would bring. We have joked internally that by December, the Secretariat would have reinvented the wheel no less than 52 times, on every Monday of the year. This ASA News represents many of those reinventions – evolving each week to include or address salient issues while doing our best to avoid over-burdening our obliging contributors.

This issue requires a special acknowledgement of those contributors, who went above and beyond to provide thoughtful insight and rumination for each piece. Thank you to the National Humanities Alliance for keeping us apprised of the Capitol Hill advocacy happening in D.C. and for authoring a piece to that end (p.3). Thank you to the American Council of Learned Societies and particularly the ACLS President Joy Connolly for your supportive leadership and vocal advocacy. We are proud to have signed onto the ACLS authored letter (p. 49) and to reprint Joy Connolly’s proactive op-ed on supporting diverse faculty (p. 41). Thank you to those inspiring individuals featured in this issue for taking the time to answer our questions so introspectively during what has otherwise been a chaotic year.  

Finally, a special thank you to all of our members who contributed an unprecedented number of positive updates and events to celebrate. Remembering to dwell upon good news – big or small –  sometimes requires some collective effort and we are honored at the ASA to share your exciting updates with the world (p. 33).  

As always, if there is something you hope to see in a future edition of ASA News, please feel free to suggest it to us at [email protected] 

Enjoy the full issue of ASA News, Fall 2020 online as a magazine spread or download the complete PDF for easy reading.

Stay Safe and Happy Reading, 
Alix Saba