Dear ASA Member and friends,

On behalf of the African Studies Association, we want to thank you for attending the 62nd Annual Conference on November 21 – 23, 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts.

In order to make next year’s conference even more successful, we request that you fill out this post-event survey.   We thank you in advance for your comments and suggestions and we assure you that each will be given consideration so that future conferences and events will be even more of a success.

ASA 62nd Annual Meeting Survey

  • Was your discipline/area of interest well represented at the conference? If not, do you have any feedback on how the ASA can solicit more program submissions and meeting participation from those in your discipline/area of study?

  • If you were a chair of a panel or roundtable, please indicate if you had any unexpected no-shows on your panel, and who they were.
  • If you attended a workshop or special session, please indicate your level of satisfaction with the event

  • Please provide us with your additional comments on the workshops and special sessions.
  • Mobile Event App
  • If yes, please use the space below to provide your general feedback about the app and suggestions for improving it
  • General comments about the event (if any)