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Visa Information

Instructions for Applying for a B1/B2 Visa

1– Visit the United States Visa Information website (http://www.ustraveldocs.com/) to familiarize yourself with the specific processes for your home country. You will need to apply for a B1/B2 visa.

2– In order to secure a visa interview with the local US consulate, you will need to complete an online DS-160 form and follow the specific instructions on the local consulate’s site for processing payment of visa fees ($160) and scheduling an appointment. US Consulates experience long wait-times for visa appointments, especially during the summer months. It is essential to start this process as soon as possible. A list of wait-times for visa appointments at US consulates worldwide is available here.

3– If you are presenting on the program, please use your SSRN notification letter in your application for a visa. This letter confirms your participation in the Annual Meeting. You can also request a letter of invitation from the ASA here. It is helpful to bring a letter of invitation with you to your appointment. It is also helpful, but not required, to present a copy of a flight itinerary at a visa interview. Some travel companies will give you a sample itinerary prior to booking that you can use.

4– While the ASA can provide supporting documents and letters to support participation in the conference, we cannot guarantee that you will be issued a US visa. US Consulates will also not allow for direct communication from the ASA regarding visa status. Please be prepared to provide documents during your visa interview that clearly document your intention to return to your home country after the ASA meeting and your financial capacity to support any expenses that you may incur during travel.