Registration for the 2019 Annual Meeting is now available on the myASA portal

Pre-registration closes on September 30th, 2019. Onsite Registration will also be available at a higher rate


Member Pre-Registration rates are as follows:
Individual Member Annual income $50,000 and  above  $165
Individual Member Annual income $49,999 and below  $105
Student Member  $105
Retiree Member: $105

Non-Member Pre-Registration rates are as follows:
Individual Non-Member Annual income $50,000 and above  $360
Individual Non-Member Annual income $49,999 and below  $230
Student Non-Member  $230.00
Retiree Non-Member  $230.00

The ASA offers the option of registering as an ASA Member and paying a discounted member rate for Annual Meeting registration, or registering for our Annual Meeting as a non-member. Please note that the cost of membership+member registration is lower than the cost of non-member registration and so we encourage everyone to take advantage of the joint membership/annual meeting registration package.

If you are a member of the ASA or wish to join the ASA you can do so through the my ASA member portal.

Please contact member services at with any questions.