Every year, the ASA Board organizes or selects a few panels or roundtables to be designated “Board-sponsored” sessions. These sessions should address broad issues or important questions from a multi-disciplinary perspective and appeal to multiple constituencies of ASA members. Ideally, a session will reflect the meeting theme, but it can also engage other big ideas and debates. If you have an idea or recommendation for a possible Board Sponsored session, please email the Secretariat [email protected].


Each individual may make only one presentation: as a paper presenter, a roundtable participant, or a discussant. Individuals may chair or co-chair one panel or roundtable in addition to making one presentation. If you are on a panel or roundtable that has been designated a board sponsored session, this presentation will not count toward your participation limit. Individuals may not serve as both the chair and a discussant on the same panel. If a participant is listed on multiple panels or roundtables on the program, they will be removed from panels and roundtables to ensure adherence to the ASA participation policy.