Please find below a series of proposed sessions that you may join by submitting an abstract or following the individual contact instructions. Once filled, these sessions must be submitted to the 2022 Annual Meeting CFP by the organizer or chair.

Invitation to Join Author Meets Critics Panel

The Author Meets Critics panel launches a new book published by Rowman and Littlefield. Bantu Authorities: Apartheid’s System of Race […]

Environmental Sustainability in Africa

This paper investigates the nexus between environmental justice as a concept, the indigenous people of southern Nigeria’s understanding of this […]

Disturbing Gazes and Synesthetic Discomfort in sub-Saharan Africa

This panel considers the use of disgust in postcolonial cultural productions from/about sub-Saharan Africa. Focusing on disturbing cultural productions (comics, […]

African(a) Traditions vis-à-vis Western Philosophy & Esotericism

Majoritarian currents of Euro-American esoteric thought (e.g., Spiritualism, Theosophy, Hermeticism, Ceremonial/Crowleyan Magick, Neo-Paganism, Chaos Magic, etc.) frequently overlook, oversimplify, and/or […]

Women and Gender in Collective Memory and Sites of Public History

I am seeking 2-3 presenters and a chair and/or discussant for a panel that examines gendered representations of the past […]

Youth in Africa

Youth make up a majority of the growing population across many African countries, and therefore are increasingly a focus of […]

New Horizons in Knowledge Production: Emerging Scholars and the Frontlines of African Studies Research

Octavia Butler’s famous quote, “There is nothing new under the sun, but there are new suns,” captures the ongoing tension […]

African Neoliberalisms: New Transformations and Configurations of the Relations between Labor and Finance

The term ‘neoliberalism’ has become synonymous with the historical trajectory that saw the ‘end’ of labor and the dominance of […]

“Preventing”/”Deterring” African Migration: a focus on local actors and reception

Throughout Africa, funded by the international agencies, the European Union, and the African states themselves, campaigns against emigration flourish from […]

Migration: [Un]Welcome African immigrants to East Asia

A different perspective to examine the causes of African immigration to Asia, taking into consideration the differences between an African […]

Teaching Africa: Lessons about, by, and for the Continent

How is the African continent taught both inside and outside its borders? In an era of increasing surveillance of curriculum […]

Feeding Africa: Climate Change, Environmental Sustainability, and Pastoralism

Feeding Africa: Climate Change, Environmental Sustainability, and Pastoralism Today there are leading scholars who argue for the resilience and economic […]

Non-violent Resistance to Excessive Force by the State in sub-Sahara Africa

The police murder of George Floyd sparked supportive protests in Africa against excessive use of force by the state. This […]

Peripheral Cross-Fertilizations

In literary studies, arguments, whether they are hegemonic or counter hegemonic, tend to be negotiated through the lens of the […]

Taxation in Africa

Research on taxation in Africa is proliferating and, along with it, (potential) intersections of research across literatures and disciplines have […]

Understanding Climate Change in Urban and Rural Africa: Historical and Contemporary Challenges

Climate-driven migration is expected to intensify in the coming decades. Experts estimate that by 2050 there will be 200 million […]

Country Music in Africa

Few genres of popular music have found a global cross-generational audience as diverse and devoted as has country music over […]

Agency, Empowerment, and Constraints: Critical Perspectives on Gender in Contemporary African Societies

For decades, an array of state and non-state actors, African and non-African, has sought to “empower” women in African societies. […]

Marketplace Trade and West African Urban Development – A Paradox

The burgeoning mobility to cities allows Africa to qualify as having “the fastest urban growth in the world,” notes the […]

Salsa in Africa. Urbanities, intimacies and kinaesthetic of the Afro-Latin Atlantic connection

Whereas the African roots and “Africanist aesthetics” (McCains 2015) of salsa music and dance have been widely discussed by existing […]

Resistance to the “Modern” Urban African State

Escaping from European conceptions of “modernity,” which froze Africans in a matrix of competing notions of civilization, evolution, and development, […]

African Studies Keywords (ASK)

The African Studies Review published the State of the Art overview essays from 1980 to 1994. Supported by the Social […]