Please find below a series of proposed sessions that you may join by submitting an abstract or following the individual contact instructions. Once filled, these sessions must be submitted to the 2021 Annual Meeting CFP by the organizer or chair.

Pastoralist insecurity in current West African Conflicts

The role of pastoralists has become increasingly critical in several Sahelian and West African conflicts in Nigeria, Chad, Burkina Faso, […]

African Studies and Digital Humanities: Recalibrating and Reframing a New Narrative in the Age of Technology

Against the backdrop of the ongoing digital revolution and its impact on every space of global ecosphere, it is believed […]

Hygiene, Power, and the Right to the City: Urban Experiences at a Time of COVID.

Practices of managing hygiene have long preoccupied colonial and post-colonial authorities, particularly in designing space and controlling populations in African […]

Mental Health, Spirituality, and African Literature

I am seeking other scholars with whom to submit a proposal for a panel exploring diverse understandings of spirituality, religion, […]

Histories of Medicine in Africa/African Histories of Medicine

Histories of Medicine in Africa/African histories of Medicine Medicine in Africa, as currently conceived within the academy, largely covers the […]

African Masculinities in the Modern World

As a social construct and a research topic, masculinity has risen in prominence in recent years in many societies. The […]

#EndSARS, Police Brutality, and Political Protest in Nigeria

Nigerians have been protesting for years against police brutality and impunity, so why did the October 2020 #EndSARS social movement […]

Contested Truths over COVID-19 in Africa

One of the most significant challenges to confronting and mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic concerns the manufacturing, circulation, and interpretation of […]

Pastoralist Futures: Imagining the 21st Century and Beyond

West Africa has doubled its population over the last 30 years and is undergoing unprecedented rates of urbanization. The World […]

Imagining Otherwise

Imagining Otherwise is co-organized with Dr. Dorothy Atuhura, Kyambogo University, Kampala, Uganda. Our panel seeks papers that engage with works […]

African Empire in the Lusophone World

This panel brings together research on pre-colonial and colonial-era African kingdoms and empires in the Lusophone world with contemporary memories, […]

Female Workers’ Wellbeing at the Bottom of the Global Value Chain

With the expansion of global production networks in many regions of Africa, more and more women are becoming employed in […]

African Transnational Youth Mobilities in Real Time and Over the Life-course

Recent transnational migration scholarship on ‘second generation returns’ has shown that young people engage in their own transnational activities through […]

African Sound Studies

Sound studies has exploded over the past decade, drawing heightened attention to how sound and sonic media shape both the […]

The Internal and International Dimensions of Civil Wars in Africa

Proposed Panel Title: The Internal and International Dimensions of Civil Wars in Africa This panel might expand beyond a strict […]

African Women: Tools of Resistance and Resilience

The crises of 2020 have increased attention to the multitude of precarities faced by marginalized populations around the world. Yet […]

African Studies Keywords (ASK)

The African Studies Review published the State of the Art overview essays from 1980 to 1994. Supported by the Social […]