Please find calls for panelists for the 2020 Annual Meeting below. .

Differential diagnoses: political discourses of illness and disease

Within the field of public health the most serious response to pathology is quarantine. Quarantines segregate populations according to a […]

Post-Independence Transformations in Medical Care and Public Health

This is a proposal-still-in-the-making, but please do contact me if you would like to join a discussion about changes in […]

The Social Lives of African Borderlands: Daily Practices and Festive Moments

For understandable reasons, there is a heavy emphasis in borders research on contemporary security issues. But it remains important to […]

Decolonizing Africana Sociology

These sessions will apply sociological thought to the analysis of contributions and struggles of people of African descent globally. From […]

Development of sustainable Health Systems in Africa

In Africa the state of the health systems has an enormous number of challenges to cope with. According to The […]

African Peacebuilding Network’s (APN) contribution to Africa(n)centred knowledge production on peacebuilding

Attaining the Sustainable Development Goals (especially Goal 16) remains a global priority among policy makers and development practitioners within the […]

Geopoetics of care and repair in the Postcolony

This panel invites participants to examine material and metaphorical practices of care and repair that gesture towards the possibility for […]

African Children, Agency, and the Politics of Representation

The dominant theoretical perspective on children in postcolonial Africa is tied to the crises of the state arising from the […]

Drugs and Work: New entanglements

There is a rich tradition of Africanist scholarship on psychoactive substances, from writings on fermented drinks to studies of how […]

Africans and Europeans: Exchanging Luxury Products During the Era of the Atlantic Slave Trade

This panel will discuss how a variety of African and European social actors who participated in commercial and cultural transactions […]

New Approaches to the Liberation Struggle in Lusophone Africa

In the 1960s and 1970s, Portugal’s African colonies fought—and won—bloody wars for independence. Nearly a half-century after the end of […]

African Language, Thought, and Philosophy

There has been a resurgence of interest in the origins, uses, and changes in African languages. From reconsidering the static […]

Uganda, East Africa: Community, Moral Governance, Reciprocal Obligation

Professor Holly Hanson, who has asked lots of us very good questions, and listened thoughtfully to everyone with some ideas […]

Studying international interventions in contemporary Africa: decolonizing projects, historical, and ethnographic approaches

As humanitarian and military interventions have become closely intertwined in the post-Cold War era, overlapping modalities of intervention across Africa […]

Afro-Asian Solidarity and South-South Flows

Although an Afro-Asian partnership that detached itself from colonial and imperial connections to the western world characterized the Bandung conference […]

Africanization and its Legacies

As colonial African states and their institutions prepared for independence, the question of how to “Africanize” their workforce created challenges […]

Lost and Found: Urban Anthropology in Africa beyond the “Manchester School”

According to a wide-spread notion, urban anthropology in sub-Saharan Africa began in the 1950s with the work on the Copperbelt […]

Queer(ing) Africa

This panel will consider the utility of Queer Theory to the study of sexualities in Africa. Scholars like Dennis Altman […]

What About Widows? Law, Custom, and Resilience in Sub-Saharan African Widowhood Past and Present

For many African women, the sudden arrival of widowhood is not confined to the emotional trauma of losing a cherished […]

The Power, Purpose, and Possibilities of our Pedagogy: Teaching Africa as Early Career Scholars

What are the purposes and possibilities of our work as teachers as well as scholars of Africa? Africanists at Western […]

From Theory to Practice: The Policy Relevance of African Studies

This roundtable will gather non-academic professionals who have conducted PhD level study and research to discuss how academic research can […]

Conflict in Burkina Faso

This panel will emphasize data-analytic approaches to understanding various dimensions of the 2016-2020 conflict/insurgency in Burkina Faso. Please contact Michael […]

(Wo)men theorising and rising: Moving beyond theory – translating to praxis

For many African researchers whose studies are often personal and close to home, it gets to a point where the […]