FAQ’s: Attending the 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

I didn’t submit a proposal for the conference. Can I still present?
There are still two ways that you can submit a proposal for consideration for the 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting: AfricaNow! and the Africa and COVID-19 series. Proposals are due September 14, so you better submit soon!

What is AfricaNow!?
AfricaNow! accommodates presentations that address issues and topics that emerged subsequent to the close of the CFP. Sessions can be proposed as group discussions (maximum of five presenters), individual presentations, or memorials. For complete guidelines, see this page.

What is the Africa and COVID-19 series?
The Africa and COVID-19 series will feature interdisciplinary sessions that address COVID-19 and Africa. Sessions can be proposed as panels, individual presentations, or roundtable discussions. For complete guidelines, see this page.

If you would like to submit a proposal for one (or both!) of these calls, you must do so by Monday, September 14. Proposals can be submitted here.

I’m not currently registered for the 2020 Annual Meeting. Can I still attend?
Yes! The ASA has a participant only registration rate. If you are a member of the ASA, you can register to attend the conference for $50. If you are not a member, you can register to attend the conference for $75.

I deferred my conference registration until 2021. Can I still attend?
Definitely! All you need to do is register at one of our participant rates. Registering for the 2020 conference will not impact your deferral for 2021.

I’m not based in the US. Can you accept my payment to attend?
Yes! Please see our handy guide on all the ways to submit registration payment to the ASA below.

I’m busy November 19-21, but want to participate. Do I have any options?
Absolutely! This is the beauty of a virtual conference. The ASA plans to start sharing pre-recorded sessions with conference attendees in early November, and will archive many sessions in video form to be watched on-demand after the conference ends. Even if you can’t sit in live, conference attendees will be able to access program content through the end of the year.

I watch your lectures on YouTube. Why should I register for the conference?
Thanks for checking out our YouTube page! We will still post our keynote events to the public in early 2021, but if you already follow us on YouTube, this is a great opportunity to increase your engagement with the ASA community. The virtual meeting will feature nearly 300 sessions with 800 participants, and a full (virtual) Exhibit Hall.

I don’t see my question. Who should I ask?
Us! We are always available via email [email protected], or on Twitter @ASANewsOnline, or Facebook at facebook.com/1957ASA